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Software and hardware complex of ecological monitoring control. Built on the PHP (Yii2), MYSQL, Python stack.

Сomplex functions:

  • collection, processing and displaying of sensor data;
  • server-client data synchronization;
  • creating backups;
  • restoring controller settings from the server;
  • event system;
  • flexible management of user permissions.


Environmental monitoring system. Built on the NodeJS, Postgres, VueJS stack.

System allows to:

  • continuously receive, process and transmit data from automatic stations for quality control of physical and chemical parameters of the environment;
  • display data entered manually;
  • display various types of objects that affect the state of the environment;
  • create backups;
  • manage user permissions.


A global secure and anonymous recruitment platform for IT professionals. Built on the PHP, MYSQL stack.

Our team has implemented:

  • continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) technology using Jenkins and Docker;
  • data caching to increase system speed;
  • automatic backups;
  • development process according to the KANBAN methodology;
  • a large number of frontend and backend tasks.

MikroTik backup and monitoring

System of monitoring VPN status and backing up MikroTik routers. Built on the VueJS, NodeJS, Strapi stack.

System fucntions:

  • release of servers behind a MikroTik router via IkeV2 VPN;
  • VPN status monitoring;
  • creation backup copies of MicroTik routers on Google drive;
  • Telegram notification when connection status changes.

Environment connections manager

Environment connections manager. Built on the C#(.Net, WF), NodeJS Strapi stack.

Application functionality:

  • storing your database of all possible connections to RDP and VPN under your personal account;
  • access from anywhere in the world with the Internet;
  • working in a protected format without adding connection history.

Alarm Button

Server management system by call. Built on the PHP, TypeScript, MongoDB stack.

System functionality:

  • creation of scripts that are executed on a call;
  • checking the status of the wiretapping service;
  • execution of scripts on a call.

Our team


Reva Maxim


  • Management & Leadership
  • Business Operations
  • Effective Communication
  • Forward Thinking
CTO/System_Integrator CV

Shipitko Yaroslav

CTO/System integrator

  • Hardware
  • Virtualization
  • Backup
  • Windows Server
Frontend_developer CV

Sobolevskii Ivan


  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Monitoring
  • SQL administration
Frontend_developer CV

Igumnov Andrew

Backend developer

  • PHP
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Databases

Why we are better?



Our team works according to modern software development methodologies that allow us to put client and user goals at the forefront.



Together with the client, we create a plan and development strategy, focusing on all client's wishes and goals



We guarantee that the developed product and the confidential information received will not be distributed in any way



We are fully responsible for the workers’ actions. And we guarantee a high quality product, completed on time.